Hi My name is Kiel Murphy! Welcome to my website.

So a little about me and what I do...

I've been involved with photography for almost 8 years now and fell in love with it after the arrival of my firstborn - Harry. It's been such roller coaster since!

Professionally, I've been covering weddings for around 5 of those years, with most time prior to that perfecting my craft.

​Photography for me has had its highs and its lows from amazing shoots, weddings, achieving awards and meeting amazing people along the way; through to creative blocks, impulsive equipment purchases and disappointing ventures! I've dealt with it all - but here I am even still!

That aside though, I have a wild passion for digital and film photography and all that goes with it. I love listening to people and hearing their ideas and stories, and creating great relationships - all through the process of photography.

I've never really had a marketing plan for photography, and aside from the website and Facebook, most of my trade and recommendations comes from friends and acquaintances of past clients. I'm proud for it to be that way, rather than just scouring the market for the quickest buck.

Away from photography I love the outdoors, socialising and seeing family. I love drinking strange beers and on occasion when not taking photographs or drinking odd tasting beers, be found hurtling myself down a hill on my mountain bike, or wild camping on a hillside somewhere. I'm a bit of an 'adventurous geek' if I had to describe myself in a few words! I love to make friends wherever I go and photography really allows you to do that. I've met so many interesting people over the years. I find myself very fortunate in that respect.

​So I can see the remainder of this 'about' section being relatively short and sweet, because I find talking about myself and blowing my own trumpet rather odd. I try not to do it at all!

My work ethic;

​My main passion in my own Wedding & Portrait Photography style is to fetch as much natural emotion and humour into the photographs as possible. If you ever see me at a wedding, i'll always be bobbing around on the dance floor with you, or sitting down at a table with your guests with either my digital or film camera in hand, waiting for something great to happen. I enjoy seeing grooms cry, brides dancing and kids being mischievous.

​I can be very often seen either having a chat with guests to make them feel more relaxed, or on a stake out, waiting to take photographs of your uncle from Australia blow party bubbles after drinking 10 double whiskies.

These are the sort of memories that everyone misses, and which I like to make the most effort in recording for people.

Being as unscripted as possible and observing behaviour is the absolute key to my work, and I champion it all the way.

I very rarely spend time doing posy shots. It really isn't my style. Being relaxed is what people recommend me for.

So really despite my trade being mainly word of mouth, for those of you reading this after finding me on Google, Facebook or wherever - i'm here to surprise you and hopefully reassure you that I'm the photographer you need to get what you want.

I'm not going to babble on much more, but if you would like a chat to find out more about me and what I do, be sure to drop me a message or a call so we can see what we can make happen!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kiel Murphy - Murphy Photographic

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