Hi My name is Kiel Murphy! Welcome to my website.

So a little about me and what I do...

I've been involved with photography for almost 10 years now and fell in love with it after the arrival of my firstborn - Harry. It's been such roller coaster since and I now have a wild passion for digital and film photography and all that goes with it!

I love to document things around me in a bit of an unscripted way and always look for a different angle for my photographs, to everyone else.

In the past, I used to photograph a lot of Weddings and whilst I loved the experiences and meeting new people, it made me fall out of love with photography for a while. I feel very fortunate to have had some amazing experiences during that time though!

In my free time, I love the outdoors, socialising and seeing family, so now I just tend to focus on just enjoying photography as a hobby again and documenting the things that I do and love to do the most. I find myself doing a lot of walking, wild camping or mountain biking, so naturally you will find a lot of my photographs are taken whilst in pursuit of these activities. I also tend to have my 2 children Harry and Lily with me on these adventures, and they are slowly beginning to love the time spent outside as the get older.

This website really is only here for me to record my adventures as I go and to give everyone an insight into what I get upto, so I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as Ive enjoyed taking them!

Kiel Murphy - Murphy Photographic

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