Hey everyone!

If you are reading this, I hope you and your families are keeping well in the midst of what is a really unusual time for the world. The world has literally been flipped on its head - where freedom now seems like the luxury none of us can really afford.

I really hope you are all keeping safe.

I try not to keep my head too much into the news these days. I feel the truth on the COVID-19 situation is becoming more and more diluted every single day, and with every media source it comes from - which to me, feels like its creating way too much confusion about the situation as a whole. Me and my family; and I would imagine a very large number of us, want to stay home, keep safe doing what we need to do as per government advice, and get this thing outta the way!

I do feel like a large positive from all this situation is the extra time a large number of us have, to stay safe and spend with our families which we normally wouldn't. Time which allows us to better appreciate what you have in front of you, and the simpler things in life. For us fortunate ones that do have time on our hands, the time spent with our families is something we should all really make the most of, and cherish.

Never in our lifetime have we dealt with something that affects us socially as much as this. It's unnerving to say the least sometimes! I really feel for those on the frontline of the situation and my thoughts go out to them, and their families!

So the purpose of this post was not to really dwell on the COVID-19 situation, but more for me to share my documenting of some candid photographs of me and my family whilst we have been in lockdown. Ive never really had any expectations of what to take photos off, or tried to be particularly technical with them. Ive just been taking my time to appreciate photographic opportunities wherever they become apparent. Our house isn't particularly big, nor is our garden so i've been kinda thinking on my feet as things happen. A true fly on the wall!

One thing I have found as I have been taking photos during lockdown, is that there are more opportunities than you'd think in your home. You really just have to look for them! That said, I am rather fortunate that there are four of us plus 2 dogs in our house, so there is always some madness going on! I could still find things to photograph though. Bright days when interesting shadows are casting around the house I find is something I enjoy photographing.

My workflow approach for these photographs was to shoot them ALL in JPEG straight out of the camera, and using the in-camera black and white profile on my Sony A7iii series camera - purely to cut down on editing and to keep the workflow really straightforward. I wanted to make sure the all the photographs were really simple with a nice play on subject matter and use of light, with with no distraction from coloured elements.

Whilst for the majority, I have used my digital camera for these candids, I also used some analog film which I have added to another short blog post. It's hard shooting a lot of film when it costs so much to purchase and develop, but i do like to shoot the odd few rolls here and there. I find it a much greater challenge than my Sony digital camera. It takes a lot more effort and anticipation to get what you want from it. I shot around 5 rolls through the lockdown which added a little bit of a different spin on the photos being taken on digital.

You can find those film photographs HERE - I hope you enjoy them :)

On the technical side for these images, it's been pretty minimal! All I have used to date is my Sony A7iii camera which I absolutely love. The images it pushes out are tremendous, particularly in black and white because of the amazing dynamic and tonal range it can produce.

Lense-wise, I have used so far the stellar Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Sonnar T* Carl Zeiss lens and the Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4 for FE mount. The 35mm is my absolute favourite lens of all. Its a total beast of a lens, but the images it gives are AMAZING. It's probably the best lens I've owned - and i've owned a few!! It gets used every single day without fail and I would recommend it to anyone.

I'd like to add that despite the lack of different subject matter in these photos, I really love them all.

I love what they represent, and that is what my family mean to me, and how much joy they fetch to my life. I think i'll treasure these photos forever.

I hope you like the photos. I'll be adding more in the weeks to come so feel free to register to keep in touch with any extra I upload :)

Stay safe all. See you on the other side...!

Kiel - Murphy Photographic