Lockdown Film Photography

Hey everyone! I hope that everyone is staying safe and well in these crazy crazy times. It's been a rather strange period of time for us all and one which I dont think we will all forget for years to come.

I think we as human beings have been taught some important lessons whilst the Coronavirus has been at large (and still remains somewhat so!), in that life can be very very fragile. I think early on we all realised that this is something that couldn't be taken for granted.

For me and my little family cluster; of me, my wife, my two children and two dogs (yes I know - frantic!) we dealt with it in our own little way. We had an abundance of great weather throughout the lockdown, which meant that we could spend our time outdoors. Enjoying the sunshine, drinking a few beers and having plenty of BBQ's. It was a refreshing change to just relax in the comfort of your own home and with your family. Time seemed to move pretty quick for the most part.

We were very very fortunate it was the way it was. Times could have been much harder.

So throughout the UK lockdown and almost following the tail end of it - where we could start seeing 1 other household, I had been gathering candid photographs wherever I could to create some sort of documentary of what we were upto. For the most part I shot these on my digital camera, and with the majority of the photographs on this post are HERE.

For the rest however, I had been using a variety of my 35mm film cameras. I feel there is even more nostalgia to be had from shooting film in a candid situation. Im glad I didn't shoot the whole suite of images with film though, i would be eating Pot Noodles for the rest of my days if I had!!

I think one day we'll all look back at these photos and reminisce about how odd 2020 really was. The year when the world truly stopped!!

So here are the images which made the cut. I'll head each set of images so it can be clearly seen which camera I shot them with, and with which film stock. I developed these in my Bellini C41 chemicals, but with the shortage of stock and my shortness of pocket change, I have been using exhausted chemicals! They have come out pretty well though for the most part :)

I really hope you like them.

Stay safe all,

Kiel - Murphy Photographic



RICOH FF-70 | RIKENON 35mm f/2.8 | KODAK PORTRA 400

OLYMPUS AF-1 | KODAK BW400CN (Exp. 2006)