Bamford Edge - Peak District

Recently, I've been seeing so many posts around the internet of people exploring the Peak District - which is a place I've never really ventured to all that much over the years. Most of the times that I've ever been close to the Peaks, its mainly in passing whether for work or en-route to another destination. I've never really opted to head there for pleasure - even on my bike! Which really surprises me. Why - I do not know. It turns out its a gem of a place!

So influenced with what i'd seen from other folks and their own wild adventures in the Peaks, and knowing me and my friend Andy Cole of Andy Cole Photography was looking for somewhere to camp this weekend, I decided to do a little bit of research and look for a little spot we could pitch up with an easy walk from the cars.

The place we opted for this time around, was a place called Bamford Edge, which is a rocky gritstone overhang which skims the south eastern edge of Bamford Moor at around 1300ft; and lies around 1mi to the North away from Bamford Village.

We chose here because Ive seen many a photograph of the amazing views from Great Tor towards Ladybower, which is further North up the rocky ledge. The views are stunning on a night from what I've seen, and to have Ladybower in front of you makes it extra special it seems.

In the end me and Andy didn't opt to pitch on Great Tor. There were people already camping up there, and the wind was horrendous and bitter being so high and exposed. It was forecast for 25-30mph gusts all night and into the morning, so we had to keep that well in mind. We looked for somewhere we could find better shelter from the wind, as Andy was going full Bear Grylls in his Alpkit Hunka Bivvy for the night (MADNESS!)....

So camp spot for the night found up on Bamford Edge in a little secluded dug out aside a cliff - we found ourselves in a little spot out of the wind to sit down and proceed to consume our few beers and small amounts of food whilst putting the world to rights for hours in the pitch dark. It's amazing how good you can feel off such a simple pleasure like being in the outdoors and in good company.

Beers gone, and the cold setting in at around 10pm, we called it a night, and got wrapped up knowing it was going to be a cold one. The wind relented all night, and the wind chill bit pretty hard, but in the end it was another amazing camp out. Not the most perfect sleep, but still - it was great to be outdoors.

In the morning, it was pretty windy still, but quite clear and no rain. The tent was still in one piece, my gear still there and Andy still fortunately lay in his bivvy keeping warm. He hadn't made a dash for the car in the middle of the night - so bravo to him! We didn't have much of a sunrise, until we were packed and ready to go, but we did get a few cool shots once the sun was slightly higher in the sky and along the rocky ledges. I still wouldn't have changed it though. Laying with the tent door open in your sleeping bag looking at the mornings view is an amazing feeling that everyone should try at least once! You don't get that on a campsite!

All in all from the trip, Im determined to explore more of the Peaks on some of my next camps out - whether solo or in company again. It definitely seems like there's a lot I'm missing out on! And there was so many places on the horizon that looked like there could be some good adventures to be had!

Here are a few photos from the trip. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Kiel Murphy - Murphy Photographic