A Weekend Away With The Olympus AF-1 & Kodak BW400cn 35mm Film (Expired)

Updated: Mar 10

Hey everyone! For those who know me - both myself and my family LOVE camping and caravanning. We've always done it as a family since the children have been around, and continue to enjoy it every year. We love to be outdoors, be together with our wider families and close friends, and just the feeling that even if we were 30 minutes away from home; it always felt like a holiday. Rain or shine, we love it - true British grit!

We actually bought our own touring caravan in August last year, and have thoroughly enjoyed a good few breaks away in it since we've owned it. Nothing fancy, but who cares! We all love to be together in it - a total home from home.

So we took it out for our first run of the year a few weeks back, over to Bishopthorpe in York. True to what we're used to, this place isn't particularly far away from home - probably 35 minutes away, but we love it there. I think most places in York are great to visit. York is very much a lovely little Yorkshire gem :) So on this trip I wanted to take my camera, but travel pretty light. I'd recently purchased this little Olympus AF-1 point and shoot camera for £18 off eBay totally untested, along with 4x rolls of expired (2006) Kodak BW400cn C-41 process film. Fortunately the camera worked like a dream, or at least in terms of function and on face value. I'll probably do a small review on this camera another day. All said and done - it was a great buy.

Stupidly, to test this camera, I ran a roll of Ilford HP5 through it, but then realised I didn't have the chemicals to home develop it! So I thought why not take a roll or two of the Kodak BW400cn film with me on my trip to Bishopthorpe. I was really glad I did!

I must admit, I really like the results after developing this film. I'd developed this film in my Agfa Rondinax 35U daylight developing tank, using the Bellini Monopart C-41 developing kit with great results. Nice sharpness, deep contrast; but quite coarse grain - which I think is a combination of the films expiration, over agitation in the daylight dev tank, and the chemicals starting to become slightly exhausted. All said and done though, the scans came out really nice. Much better than expected and i'm really pleased with them! For those interested, you can find the Bellini Monopart C-41 kit I've been using (amazing) HERE from the lovely guys at Nik & Trick Photographic in Folkestone. I'm really looking forward to shooting this film again. Considering this was shot only in my little Olympus AF-1 point and shoot camera, In pretty rubbish light I think it looks great. I think if I stuck a roll through my Contax 167MT or 137MD Q, it would make for some very pleasing results. Particularly photographing some moody landscape scenes. So without further ado, here are a few shots from the developed and scanned roll. Thanks for reading! Kiel - Murphy Photographic


Camera: Olympus AF-1 35mm film camera

Film: Expired (2006) Kodak BW400cn B&W C-41 process film Scans: Minolta DiMage Dualscan III & Hamrick Vuescan


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