Film Photography at Goit Stock Falls - Olympus OM-10 & Portra 160

So recently I have been shooting my Contax SLR quite a lot - simply because I love using it and I absolutely love the Zeiss glass. The whole system feels perfect to me. They are really special cameras and I can see me keeping them for a very long time! With that said, I seemingly keep forgetting to use some of my original film SLR's; namely my two Olympus OM-10's. One of which is a silver version in pristine condition, and the other being the black version(non-quartz), which has seen some abuse. Merely dings and brassing which is never a bad thing with these old classics! In fact, I think its been dropped once or twice too but it still operates perfectly!

Now these little OM-10's are well renowned for great value for money, their great lens system and easy operation. They operate very very well as an aperture priority mode camera, but can also be controlled manually via the additional 'Manual Adapter' which makes them pretty versatile too!

These cameras have earned a fantastic reputation as an amateur film camera if film photography intrigues you, but want to jump into it on a modest budget. One way to save your money on film and processing!

In fact, I think I paid only somewhere in the region of £30-40 for each camera at the time, with the original 50mm f/1.8 Zuiko lenses. The black version I also got the original motor winder and a Sunpak flash unit in with the price. Superb value!!

I recall at the time that the lady I purchased the black OM-10 from was selling it as it was part of her late fathers collection. She said to me at the time she was really glad it was going to get some use. To which it has! Ive had some beautiful photographs from it, and i'm really pleased I can keep this little camera going after the time he used it :) So, after realising I shouldn't be neglecting my OM-10's any longer, I took my little silver OM-10 on a steady walk around Goit Stock Falls, near Cullingworth and Bingley, Bradford with my family and the dogs - fortunately prior to the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown. Im so glad we got out when we did - its been tough tough this past week with the kids and dogs, not being able to visit places you really want to visit. Ultimately though - its all for the best and it gives me time to write plenty of blog posts! Lets not dwell on the current situation too much though - I'm sure we are all tired of repeating the same word over and over again....

So I loaded this little OM-10 beauty up with some fresh Kodak Portra 160. A stock i've never actually used before - which to be honest i'm really not too sure why. I guess it because I do really love the Fuji stocks - mainly because I love the blueish tint in the greens; the pastel tones when rated over box speed and the slightly magenta tones in skin colours. I thnk its just a taste thing, That said, the Kodak stocks render much much warmer than Fuji and seeemingly; in certain scenes and situations, work really great to exaggerate colours. Particularly for exaggerating warmth within the scene, such as in soil, trees and foliage.

I'm intrigued in using this film stock; and its 400 speed counterpart on something like a portrait shoot. I've heard and seen many a great thing about both films.

One thing about Goit Stock Falls, is the really undulating and changing nature thats around you. Loads of interesting features - boulders, trees, weir pools, roots and falls. Never mind those opprtunities of taking photos of my family and dogs. Theres plenty to photograph so exposing 36 frames on the camera I knew would find pretty easy. would come pretty easily. I think it would be worthwhile rather than rambling on, in showing you some of the shots taken from our lovely little walk, which were home developed in Bellini Monopart C-41 chemistry from Nik & Trick Photographic and scanned by my ancient (but £30 cheap!) Konica Minolta Dualscan III scanner. So here goes!

I loved shooting this little camera again. It reminded me of when I first got it, and how amazing it was figuring it out and when I ran my first roll of film through it.

I'm really going to try and shoot these cameras more as they deserve to be shot and keep shooting for years and years!

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Feel free to leave me any comments and questions below! :)

Kiel - Murphy Photographic


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