Hamsterley Forest - 2 Days Of Wet!

Hi everyone!

For those of you that don't know, i'm a big fan of mountain biking. I got into it around 3 years ago as a

simple and cheap way to keep fit, as I was constantly stuck behind the wheel of a car at work, and forever letting myself go with snacks and pitstop eating.

Fair to say I caught a bug and now I ride as much as I possibly can. It makes me feel free and and clears the mind incredibly well - not to mention all the laughs you have and the amazing people you meet along the way. Hard to describe until you venture out into the outdoors and experience it for yourself.

Backstory aside!

Last week both myself and my friend Frazer visited Hamsterley Forest for the first time to get some saddle time in at a place we hadn't visited before. Anyone reading this who has been before will know how great it is! We had such an amazing weekend - plenty of laughs, excitement, mechanical fails and falls and getting seriously wet through and muddy. I don't think we would have changed one thing. It was just an absolute LAUGH and can't wait to go again.

I absolutely loved riding my Trek Remedy 9 RSL around here - it absolutely soaked up everything it hit - such a capable trail/enduro bike! We went with the intention of hammock camping whilst there, but never got the chance because the weather was so unpredictable. So Plan B was just to rough it in the cars for the night - which wasn't so bad in the end. Fortunately my car has enough length in the boot to get my 5' 7" in the back! :)

Was hoping to take my camera around with me whilst on the bike if it was dry, but with it being as wet as it was, I just took a few general pics of us by the camp. Hopefully next time it's a little more dry and get some rider shots too.

Here goes - enjoy!


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