Meet Lola the Vizslador!

Updated: Mar 11

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed spending some quality time with your loved ones. I thought i'd write a really quick post as we have an exciting new addition which joined our family this Christmas - Lola the Viszlador! For anyone who doesn't know what a Viszlador is, its the first cross/F1 of a Hungarian Viszla and a Labrador. In our case the mother was the Viszla and the father was the Labrador.

The first cross' tend to inherit the awesome colour and leaner size of the Viszla, which is what we were really looking for - something big and cuddly but not too big that it would dominate our house and our cocker spaniel, and had beautiful colour to boot. We've been toying with the idea of another puppy to join our already crazy family - myself and my wife, our 2 kids and our Cocker Spaniel - Oscar, for some time now, but we've resisted for being a little unsure how mad the house would be... However me; being the usual voice of reason, eventually broke! Why have one when you can have two, eh?

We're really pleased with her temperament now we have her home which is so so different to our cocker spaniel. We think she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She's very sleepy, loves her own space and loves to play with her tail and a good tug toy :) Here's a few quick pictures from the garden to show you how beautiful she really is! I hope you have a lovely New Year and see you in 2020! Kiel - Murphy Photographic


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