Nicola & Chris' Pre-Wedding Shoot - Temple Newsam

Evening everyone! So we're well into Wedding season now, and i'm already looking forward to my next Wedding to keep the creativity alive! I always find the quiet lull through Christmas and the New Year grinds at me a little - my mind is constantly whirring about what I can do to keep my creativity going; all in a bid to prevent the 'photographers block' setting in! Fortunately, I recently met up with one of my Wedding couples - Nicola and Chris, over at Temple Newsam Estate in Leeds, which is a fantastic place to visit for a Pre-Wedding shoot. Its a huge space, with plenty of privacy from trees, buildings, walled gardens and the like - making it perfect for a Pre-Wedding shoot! I find couples can be a little apprehensive at times because they don't particularly like having photographs taken. Shooting somewhere quiet or private keeps the nervous feelings at bay - ultimately keeping the photographs looking really relaxed and real.

Chris & Nicola became really relaxed in the end. Laughing and joking and just keeping each other really entertained. The weather on this particular day in the UK was pretty.damn.rough. We were battling storm Ciara that day, so there was a mixture of heavy rain in the morning and strong gales throughout. We'd already re-arranged prior to this shoot because of the weather, so this time we braved it and just got stuck in! All in all, the weather - despite being super windy, was pretty good when you timed it just right. The high sun kept peeking through the clouds, creating some really strong contrast at times. I kinda like it that way though. I like the added contrast and the strong lighting you can get from a scene in high sun sometimes. Shooting in shade is good for a balanced scene, but playing with light and shade helps with more with some added contrast. I'm really looking forward to photographing Nicola & Chris' big day now! Thanks for reading :) Kiel - Murphy Photographic ---------------------------

Cameras: Sony A7iii Contax 167MT (35mm Film)

Lenses: Contax Yashica 85mm f/1.4 Planar T* Contax Yashica 50mm f/1.7 Planar T*

Sigma Art FE 35mm f/1.4


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