Playing around with Yodica Antares 400

Hey everyone - I hope you've all been shooting plenty recently! So at Christmas time my lovely wife Jodie bought me a fab little gift from Analogue Wonderland (you can find them HERE!) which was a 'Mystery Box' - loaded with a number of random mystery 35mm films. I like the notion of some extra 'mystery' with these films; seeing as though it always seems like there is some mystery there anyway, while shooting and developing - "will it turn out right?", "were my settings right?" or "damn - did I put the right chemical in!" I think mystery always surrounds film in some way! So within my lucky mystery box, which contained some Kodak Gold 200, Fuji C200, a super old roll of Kodak Technical Pan and some Ilford HP5, was a very striking looking roll of Yodica 'Antares' 400 35mm film. When you get a roll of it, you'll notice the packaging looks awesome, what with all the funky colours you may expect to find when you develop this wonderfully fun film. I don't really know much about Yodica's history, however I understand they are run out of Milan by a pair of massive film fans. It's always worth a Google to find out some more about them, but they seem really popular over here! I have a slight confession to make, in that I loaded this into my Olympus AF-1 point and shot - but didn't realise it didn't have a DX code on it and it automatically set it to ISO 100! I don't think it would have been a major deal, but fortunately and with the wisdom of Instagram, Yodica got in touch with me over one of my posts before I shot the whole roll...stupid mistake by me! How cool is that! After realising, I cut the roll in the dark out of my AF-1 and loaded it into my Contax 167MT SLR. Fortunately around 20 frames were saved, maybe 7-8 and the leader were lost from the AF-1 in the end. There's nothing technical I really want to add to this post, nor is this post really here to provide any sort of review. I just wanted to share what kind of cool effect this film can give! I think a few more rolls to figure out the sweet spots of exposure and maybe try some others out too will be on the cards in the future. I kinda like the look of the Atlas and Vega variations too :)

Hope you enjoy the photos! --------------------------------------------------------------

Camera: Contax 167MT Lens: Contax Carl Zeiss 50mm Planar T* f/1.7 AEJ Film Stock: Yodica Antares 400


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