Revisit & Re-edit - 2 Years Later!

Evening everyone :) Just a real quick post this evening!!

So the other day I was asked by my model friend - Hannah Louise to have a play around with some old shots we took in my friends studio a few years ago. I thought yeah, that'd be pretty cool to see the outcome actually! It's been a while (2 years in fact since we last worked together) and these days I have much less patience for editing than I used to. Lets give it a shot..

The shots are not my best shots by any means (one is even out of focus but still looks cool so i'll leave it!), but it was good fun revisiting and editing them with a fresh pair of eyes. I don't retouch or edit images quite like I used to 2 years ago. It's all quick quick quick these days after shooting weddings for so long...

These days I find grain is 100% my friend and less is definitely more - or at least it is for me. Funny how your style changes as time passes...! I hope you like the shots. Be sure to message me if you'd like to join me on a shoot :) Kiel - Murphy Photographic

Kit at the time (I believe) was; Sony A7ii Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Sonnar T* Carl Zeiss Sony FE 85mm f/1.8


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