It's all in the details..

When it comes to the little details, i'm so so fussy. One particular thing that I can always never settle on (aside from this website!) is how I'd like my presentation boxes for USB's and prints to look. Particularly those that I give away as part of a wedding package. I really hate the thought of giving out poor products to clients, as to me, it goes to show how much you care about your brand and ultimately show to them, that you really have pride in what you do. After trying out SO many different boxes, USB's, and other little arrangements, I have finally settled on one type I actually like! Finally I can chill and order something again in the future that I know is going to be 100% spot on for my clients. So here it is! These are my Walnut USB presentation boxes with a laser etched and hinged lid. Bit of arty moss and a lovely Walnut USB inside with all your precious memories within.

Hopefully my future clients will enjoy them as much as I do! Definitely nothing run of the mill from Amazon here... :) Be sure to subscribe to keep in touch with what I'm upto! Kiel Murphy - Murphy Photographic


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